It’s a Miracle!!!

June 16, 2008

I passed all this year’s modules for my Masters course!!!

(Imagine me running around the room and jumping up and down with the odd whoop thrown in!!!!)

That’s all.

No more news.

Suppose I’ll have to go back next year now and finish it.  Disertaion here I come!!!

(slumps back to reality!)


end of term

April 22, 2008

Tonight was the last day of term for my Masters in Research classes.  I have a literature review to write and that’s me done for this year.  It seems to have gone very quickly and I’ve done ok (Bs for almost everything).  I’ve got two more modules to do then my research project and dissertation and that’s me done.

I’ve enjoyed this year.  Met some nice people, learned some interesting stuff.  Now all I need to do is refine my research topic and get on with it.

new media

March 18, 2008

I’m about to have a class on using new media to communicate research findings.  Looking forward to it…

Oh, and I saw Dr Hilary Jones off of GMTV in Buchanan Street!

It’s the weekend!

March 7, 2008

It’s Friday night and for the first time in a while I’m neither working or leading worship.  The boys are here and there is football and rugby a plenty on TV.  At the moment David is playing Pebble Beach on Tiger Woods.  He looks pleased so he must be playing well!

I think we might go shopping for books tomorrow.

I’ve been very busy over the past couple of weeks and I’m hoping that over the next couple life might slow down to something around about hectic.

Youth Forum went really well last weekend.  We had 22 young people form all over Scotland who came together and had a great time, were very creative and didn’t sleep.

My workshop on Presentation at Synod (same time as Youth Forum) went well and people seemed to enjoy it and hopefully got something out of it.  I talked mostly about how not to do powerpoint.  Nothing beats a rainbow wordart on a red or yellow background!

In the evening I was quiz master for the now annual Synod Quiz.  We found a mobile disco set up in the back of the stage so it was just like old times.  The old people were asking for me to turn the music down and the young people were asking if I had any decent music.  Brings back some great memories of DJing in pubs or at a wedding.

On Sunday night we headed up to Biggar to say happy mother’s day to my mum.  She seemed really pleased to see us and we had a good laugh, mostly at my dad. (isn’t that what dads are for?)

This week has flown in.  I tried to have Monday off but spent most of the day working, dropping stuff off at Christian Aid and Great Big Resources after Synod.  The rest of the week… writing essays, teaching class, going to class, catching up on email, writing essays.  Did I mention I had an essay to hand in this week?

I’m now waiting on Office for Mac 2008 to appear through the letterbox.  I wonder if it still defaults everything to Times New Roman when you delete anything?

In other news… the camera I hoped to get for my birthday is sold out everywhere that had it a sensible price!  Blast!  The search begins again…

Oh, and why do Mac hide the # key?  Took me ages to find it!!!  LOL

recording my research

March 4, 2008

I’ve decided to use the other blog I’ve had lying around doing nothing for a year to record my research and reflect a bit more on my Masters in Research.  I’ve written a little about it here and will still post things that are relevant to my work but I think keeping a separate blog might help me to focus a bit more on the one area, using digital tools to engage in and enhance learning of young people.

seriously stuck

January 30, 2008

See below!!!  lol

I’m finding it hard to come up with a research topic that will

A. be of use and

B. be of interest (mostly to me as I have to do it)

So, I’m toying with something to do with church and tech, but what?  Should I look at youth work? (would seem to make sense) But what about it?

I guess what I hope I’ll get out of it, apart from a Masters is some sense of training needs and where we are at.

what shoud I research?

January 29, 2008

If you read this blog regularly you’ll know I’m doing a masters in research.  I’ve come to the point where I need to decide what I’m going to research!

Any ideas?  I was thinking something to do with church youth work and technology use.  Would that be helpful?  Does anyone care?  What would be the point of knowing if and how churches use technology in their informal education with young people?

Any help gratefully received!!!