August 30, 2008


June 25, 2008

I’ve bitten the bullet and decided to move my blog over to

I’ve moved the whole blog over so you can find pretty much everything that is here over there… with some added stuff too.

Thanks for reading Scream Without Raising Your Voice and I hope to see you at soon.

Vision 4 Life

June 21, 2008

The URC is about to enter into the first year of its Vision 4 Life project.  When I say ‘about to’ that’s obviously church speak for in 6 months.

So hear’s my tuppence worth on V4L…

I like the idea.  I think that encouraging our congregations to engage with ‘The Bible’, ‘Prayer’ and ‘Evangelism’ is a good thing but it has to go beyond that to make any difference because I’m sure if this is seen as just another bible study programme or house group then the people who usually take part in these things will take part in this and nothing much will change.

Change is the goal.  Transformation.

OK.  That sounds great.  If the bible and prayer and evangelism are anything then transforming should be at the top of the list.  If not I think we have missed the point.

I got to have a look at some of the draft ‘bible’ material the other day.  ‘The Bible’ is the first theme.  My honest opinion?  Disappointing.  Very disappointing.

For me (and that’s the only opinion I can give) the materials look far too much like every other bible study I’ve ever seen.  And the bit that’s missing is the ‘transformation’.

The questions that never seem to make it into bible studies ar ‘So what?’ and ‘How will this change my life?’.  ‘What do YOU think this means?’ and ‘How does it help you understand your life and faith?’.

Those for me are the transforming questions.  I guess you might call it ‘contextual’.  I’m a big fan of contextual bible study because it is about you, your understanding, your insight, your life.  Academic theology is important but only if it informs how people understand their faith.

Jesus did contextual all the time.  He pointed to sheep, goats, mustard seeds, water, trees, wine, bread and said the Kindgdom of God is like this.  People understood because they recognised the context of the stories.  We don’t live in the Galilee of 2000 years ago so our context is different.  OUR faith has to make sense in OUR context.  That’s why churches are empty, that’s why fresh expressions of church appear.  People need to make sense of their faith in their life or else is makes no sense at all.  Faith stops being transforming and becomes an academic exercise.

So, if V4L is going to be Visionary and For LIFE then it has to help people make the connection.

strategy word cloud

June 18, 2008

This is our children and youth work strategy visualised as a word cloud by wordle.

It’s a Miracle!!!

June 16, 2008

I passed all this year’s modules for my Masters course!!!

(Imagine me running around the room and jumping up and down with the odd whoop thrown in!!!!)

That’s all.

No more news.

Suppose I’ll have to go back next year now and finish it.  Disertaion here I come!!!

(slumps back to reality!)

Birthday Honours

June 14, 2008

Today is the Queen’s official birthday and on her birthday she honours people who have made significant contributions to their field and to the community.

This year this appeared:

Aileen Probert, Mrs. KELLS. For voluntary service to the Girls’ Brigade in Scotland

Aileen is the captain of the Girls’ Brigade company who invited me to be their inspecting officer this year and has been awarded an MBE. Congratulations Aileen!


June 13, 2008

This weekend is the 10th Crossover Festival.  Crossover is a brilliant event and I’ve been proud to be part of it.  But this year I’ve not been involved.  After the last event I felt it was time to step back and to allow others to bring their ideas and dreams to the event.

I have a sense that this might be the last one.  That would be a shame but perhaps it has run it’s course.  Only time will tell with that question.

I’ve been invited to visit and I might pop in at some point over the weekend but maybe not.  I’m not sure yet.