Johnny Cash

A while ago I posted about Walk the Line, the superb bio-pic of Johnny Cash. Well worth a watch, even if you think you don’t like Cash’s music. I’ve also posted about ‘The Wanderer’, his stunning song on the U2 album Zooropa.

BBC 4 ran a series of programmes the other night on Cash including an episode from the Johnny Cash Show, Walk the Line and a brilliant biography which ended with this is the video of Cash performing one of his last songs, his version of ‘Hurt’. It seems to sum up his life in a song. A moment of great insight, openness and hurt.


2 Responses to Johnny Cash

  1. dpcpastor says:

    Cash’s version of this song is haunting. It is so much more powerful becasue of the authenticity of how it relates to his life and honesty. I saw an interview with his daughter sho said she could not watch the entire video because it is so painful. He was a true artist. Check out my post on Johnny I wrote awhile back and let me know what you think.


  2. I agree this version is stunning.

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