All Done

I’ve finished my last essay of the term.  It was a report on how to conduct a critical literature review.  Hard going!!!  But that’s me all finished for this year.  Just two modules and a dissertation to go and I will be a Master!

Tomorrow I’m off to the URC Synod of Scotland minister’s conference.  They are spending 3 days looking at Risk and I’m leading a session on Thursday morning on Risk and Young People so I want to see what they have already covered.  No point in repeating!

In other news Lucky Dave is in Manchester clutching his ticket for the Uefa Cup final tomorrow night where his beloved Rangers take on St Petersburg.  I hope Dave, Marc and Sponge have a brilliant time.  It was great to see all the cars an buses heading down the motorway towards Manchester today.  Good luck tomorrow.

My team, Motherwell, have qualified for next year’s Uefa Cup.  Here’s hoping we get just as far!!!


2 Responses to All Done

  1. chris says:

    Now that would be an essay I’d like to see! 😉

  2. Stewart says:

    No, you really wouldn’t. It has very little to do with literature and lots to do with ‘rating’, ‘quality’ and ‘judgment’.

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