not much

I’m having some time off this week and haven’t been up to much.  Hence the lack of blogging.  At the weekend we did the usual kind of stuff with the boys, wii playing, games, movies, swimming and our first trip of the year to the golf driving range.

The rest of the week has been spent reading (I finished Northern Lights at last!) sleeping and working on Sunday worship.

Tuesday night saw the best game of football I’ve seen in ages.  Liverpool v Arsenal in the Champion’s League.  Superb game.  Tonight sees Rangers try to get past Sporting Lisbon in the UEFA Cup and the Masters begins in Augusta.

Our family fantasy baseball teams are doing poorly!  But then the league form seems to be all upside down for now.  Some great new players are coming through and I think there will be more than one surprise team make the play offs.  But what do I know?  Not much according to my fantasy team picks!


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