New Lanark

Finally made it out of the house this afternoon and went for a drive to New Lanark, our local World Heritage Site.  Click the photo for more photos.

David Dale and Robert Owen situated their cotton mills next to the plentiful water supply of the Clyde and set about building a different kind of Industrial Revolution.  They schooled the children, provided a church and social spaces.  There was a hall for dancing and everyone was given a decent house.  They discovered what half the world has forgotten again.  If you treat people well they will work hard for you.  Education is valuable and should be free for all.  We are all citizens of the world and should act like it.  We chose to hold our wedding reception in the New Lanark Mill Hotel, the stunningly rebuilt Mill 4.  It’s a special place for us… and a place where the spirits of the past seem to linger.


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