cameras and man flu

I’m not well.  I spent valentines snuggled up with a pile of tissues and a box of sudafed.  How romantic!  (And yes, it was as attractive as it sounds!)

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’d hoped to take advantage of the good weather and get up a hill somewhere, but unless some one can turn the tap that my nose has become off it will be a birthday spent inside sneezing and sniffing.

I’m also thinking of buying a camera.  I have around £150 to spend I think.  What should I get?  Something with manual focus would be good.


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  1. JohnO says:

    I do hope your cold clears up for your birthday and you get a chance to get out and about.

    I can recommend DPReview, Imaging Resource and Steve’s Digicams as excellent review sites for cameras. Is it a compact or ‘bridge’ camera you’re after? I personally like Canon and would recommend them. Don’t just go for pixel count. I used to have a 4M Samsung and the photos from my previous camera, a 2.1M Canon were far superior despite the lower resolution. The biggest influence on picture quality is lens quality. The long-established camera companies do still tend to have the edge in this respect – Canon, Olympus and Sony.
    Whatever you do, avoid Pixmania as a supplier. They do tend to be cheap but their customer service is woeful (first hand experience).

  2. Stewart says:

    Thanks John. I’m looking at a Fuji S6500 (S6000fd in USA). Amazon have it for £149.99 and it has some great reviews. I’d love a DSLR but don’t have £400 to spend so a bridge camera it is.

  3. JohnO says:

    Looks nice and, as you say, it seems to get great reviews. Only possible mark against it seems to be that it doesn’t seem to have optical image stabilisation, relying on cranking up the ISO settings instead. Still, that shouldn’t be a major issue for most shots, only long zoom, low light. Other than that, the picture quality looks excellent and there’s little to touch it at that price as well.

  4. Rich says:

    I have a S6500! Great stuff. The 10 x Zoom does come in really handy at times!

    If you are not going for a DSLR then this is a great step on the way!

    If you look at my flickr photos, especially Canada, then you can see some examples.

  5. Stewart says:

    Thanks Rich. Great photos. I think I’m convinced!

  6. Rich says:

    I’ve also recently had man-flu.

    Not so great. Take it easy, don’t try to fight it, the force is strong with it…

    you must let it run its course young padawan…

    Get yourself a decent memory card, at least 1GB and some good high capacity rechargeables… the Energisers are good, you can get a 15min fast charger too!

  7. Stewart says:

    I think I’ve got a 4GB SD card somewhere. As for the man flu… it sucks. Keeps coming and going. Where does all the stuff that comes down your nose come from?

  8. JohnO says:

    I think it takes xD, not SD. They’re not interchangeable (and xD costs more).

  9. Rich says:

    Yep, XD I’m afraid…

    Shop around tho, even on amazon marketplace you can get some good deals… but check the postage costs too! Some are… well, choice!

    Where does it come from? Is yours mainly red?!


  10. Stewart says:

    I’ve got a 128mb xd for my old fuji camera. I’ll have a look about for a bigger one!!!

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