why the online world is important

Any thoughts?


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  1. JohnO says:

    Maybe it’s just my mood of the moment but I reckon I probably had the opposite reaction one might expect to some of the images. I saw an internet cafe where people were probably communicating around the globe, yet appeared oblivious to others around them; I saw a child on a swing, texting a friend, alone; a couple sitting back-to-back but absorbed in what was happening online. Steve Jobs said he wanted to “put a ding in the universe” – how about making an impression in the life of an individual? As for JFK’s comment and the associated question – there’s no doubting the sophistication of technology, but there’s no questioning the uniqueness of man, created by God, in His image.
    Sorry, don’t mean to put a downer on the slideshow – it’s certainly thought-provoking – but I do wonder if technology is rapidly becoming our ‘enlightenment rationalism’ and when it fails to deliver on its promises of creating a new world community, just as rationalism hasn’t made for a better world, what are we going to be left with?

  2. Stewart says:

    I’m not sure you had the opposite reaction to me. You’ll notice I didn’t post any comment on the slideshow, and it’s not mine, so feel free to say what you like! lol

    I too was struck by a couple of the images, particularly the ones of the people in the cafe all consumed by their laptops rather than engaging with their immediate neighbour, and by the girl on the swing, alone.

    I guess it could be argued that if these people are ‘alone’ then the technology allows them to connect with their friends and family, but I can help feeling a little sad and frustrated. Technology, in my very humble opinion, needs to be an enhancement, not an end in itself.

  3. Technology is wonderful, and we can have online communication with those we grow to think of as pals, in Blogland…but nothing beats real friendships like those we have with our family, our loved ones and our friends…and we don’t need any modern technology to have a relationship with God.

  4. Stewart says:

    I agree. For me technology will always be an enhancement, not the end. Whether it’s email, games or video conferencing, these are tools to enhance our communication, enjoyment or relationships. Sometimes we forget though. With all this communication technology we still forget to talk to the people we love. Why is that?

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