but my new mac doesn’t

Got a new macbook today.  It’s lovely.  It works.  Straight out the box.


8 Responses to but my new mac doesn’t

  1. Stewart says:

    not for that kind of cash. It’s the same price as the macbook pro… without an optical drive. VERY nice though.

  2. JohnO says:

    Guess we’ll just need to wait for Bryan to get one and have a look at that. Should we start a sweep on when that’ll be?

  3. pmk1977 says:

    Ever so slightly sarcastic…play nicely boys

  4. revbryan says:

    Happy mac day to you … happy mac day to you … you bought a good computer .. happy mac day to you! (sing to a famous birthday tune!!!)

    Welcome to the world of really cool people!

  5. JohnO says:

    Sorry Pauline. Forgot the smiley.
    I was almost really contrite until I read Bryan’s reply though.

  6. revbryan says:

    Smiley not required – I was attempting to be tongue in cheek (I really need a winking smiley here!) Don’t be contrite – he’s too smug for that!

  7. revbryan says:

    Aaargh, I’m not revbryan, that’ll teach me for letting him touch my non-mac laptop…

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