My laptop sucks!

My HP Pavilion laptop is dying… slowly.  Over the course of the 28 months I’ve had it I don’t think a single day has gone by without something going wrong with it.  It has been back for repair twice and is now out of warranty and very sick.

So… time for a MAC.  I haven’t used a Mac for years but have to say the reliability, the work straight out the box and the operating systems that actually work are a real draw but the biggest reason I’m switching is the capability to podcast, edit audio, make decent graphics and presentations.  All the things I find I’m doing more and more of in my work.

Tuesday is the big day when my HP piece of junk goes to the big recycling plant in the sky and a nice new Mac comes to stay.


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  1. JohnO says:

    HP are pretty notorious for their ropey laptops, although I’m told it depends on whether they’re HP or Compaq in origin.
    I can’t decide if I’d like a Mac or not. I’m not convinced that they’re any easier to use than a well-configured pc with the right software for the job – so many people assume that Micro$oft must be the best for everything. I think the difference is that, as you say, Mac’s are far better ‘straight out the box’. Mind you, if it wasn’t for the fact that one of my Bible reference libraries only runs on Windoze I’d probably stick Linux on my laptop. I had it dual-booting into Linux (Kubuntu) for a while and it was much faster and very nice to use.
    I’ll be interested to see if you end up becoming a Mac evangelist.

  2. Stewart says:

    Mine is very HP.

    I have to say there is something quite seductive about the whole Mac process. The shop is lovely and the customer service is brilliant. I like the idea of having a real person who will help you learn software or sort your problem, be it soft or hardware in a shop in Glasgow as opposed to UPS taking my laptop to Germany for 5 days.

  3. pmk1977 says:

    It’ll be an i-phone next….slippery slope this Mac business…

  4. Pete says:

    Oh no…. not another one!

    I’m with John. Having just upgraded my desktop PC with cutting edge components (overclocked quad core processor, etc.) and all the software I know, i.e. Adobe Creative Suite, which would be basically the same on a Mac, I can’t see the need to change.

    However, it is a bit like comparing young Sharon from Essex who just wants something that looks good and is reliable and Pete the car nut who loves tinkering. I like to get my hands dirty!! Hee hee!

    However, never say never…

  5. chris says:

    Welcome to my world! I think you have to be far too clever to use a PC – I can fairly say I find th ones I’ve been exposed to clunky and non-intuitive. My laptop is now halfway through its 4th year and has never been sick (touch wood) ….

  6. chris says:

    And that’s a typo up there, not a wonky key! 😉

  7. Stewart says:

    I think Pete has summed it up. I don’t want a kit car. I’m not a tech person really. I like gadgets but I like to play with them and have them do what they are meant to do. I don’t want to spend all day fixing an error, reinstalling a program, restarting (again)… I just want it to work. It seems that, from what people who own Macs have said, that’s what they do. They work. Oh and they look very, very nice.

  8. Avril says:

    I’m rather enjoying the Sony Vaio Santa brought me (it works!) and happen to think it looks VERY chic! lol

  9. JohnO says:

    It just struck me that Stewart’s happy for Santa to bring you a Sony Vaio but that’s obviously not good enough for him. Not that I’d read too much into that of course…

  10. some guy says:


  11. mike says:

    I agree. I hate my HP so much. I should have got a Dell

  12. Stewart says:

    nope, you should have bought a mac!


    Mine (Pavilion dv9000 17”) won’t start properly anymore; it keeps restarting until I force it off and fire it up agagin. I often have todo it 5, 6 times. I’ve had it for 10 months. The wireless card broke after 4. As a consultant who is always traveling, I can’t afford sending it in for 3 to 4 weeks.

    I think I need to change… I need a laptop with a number pad.

    Any suggestions out there?

  14. Stewart says:

    I have to say I’m more than pleased with my MacBook. I’d get a USB number pad. If you need Windows then you can load it on a Mac now and either run it within the mac os or boot it up as a windows machine. I’m getting by just fine with MS Office for Mac and I’m only on the 2004 version. It works fine with our server at work.

  15. Scott says:

    I’ve had my Pavilion laptop for one year and only just had to replace the battery (still under warranty). I have been immensely pleased with it.. however HP’s customer service is the worst. I’d like to see Mark Hurd or Carly Fiorina have to make one of those calls to their tech line in India. Just one call!

    Is it because of that issue alone that I will not buy another HP. I’ve had a Mac as well but PC is simply more my style. I’ll buy a Dell for my college daughter.

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