Scotland Win World Cup

Scotland have won the World Cup… of Golf.  Well done lads!  About time too!

In other World Cup news, Scotland seem to have a decent draw for the FIFA World Cup qualifying.  Holland, Us, Norway, Iceland and Macedonia.  Not bad, although when listening to the radio after the draw someone said… ‘Holland… could be worse!’ to which Richard Gordon replied ‘Yes… because they only beat us 6-0 the last time we played them!’.  I have a good feeling about the group.  An interesting coupld of years of international football ahead.


2 Responses to Scotland Win World Cup

  1. Rich says:

    Could be worse… yes, you could have the group Wales have! You are now 2nd seeds, so should realistically be looking for that play off spot, at least – then go through the FIX that is FIFA trying to make sure the big TV nations get through to the finals…

  2. Stewart says:

    I have to say I agree a bit. What happened to the good old days of the top seeds and then a free for all? Much more fun. Anyway, Wales got a draw off Germany last week. What you scared of?

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