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Sorry, couldn’t resist!

As a Scot I don’t mind the England Football Team.  They seem like an alright bunch of guys, among them some of the best players on the planet.  What bugs me, and most of the rest of the world, is the English media and their insistence on England’s divine right to win.

England won the World Cup 41 years ago.  Before I was born.  Before any of the current group of players and half the fans were born.  I could understand if they had won several times and added a few European Championships to the haul, but they haven’t.

Given that, when fit and available, England have probably 6 of the best player in their positions in the world, you have to ask why have they underachieved some often?

There could be, and probably are, many reasons.  Too many club games, not enough talent beyond those 6 or seven world class players, other nations improving, poor management.

Last night they were just poor.  Croatia are a good side.  They played well.  They deserved to win.  They will do well next summer in Austria and Switzerland.  Maybe the rest will do England good.

Someone suggested restarting the Home Nations Cup next summer.  Great idea, but I’m not sure England would want to… I know if I were them the last thing I would want is to be beaten by Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who all seem to be doing so much better with much less talent.  I’m sure England will hope to avoid all of us Celts in the World Cup draw at the weekend.

Perhaps Steve McLaren isn’t the only one who should be taking the blame.


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  1. JohnO says:

    Of course, there may be another explanation for why Croatia beat England:
    Feel free to delete this comment if you wish – I won’t be offended.

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