sick and tired

I’ve been both, perhaps the former being the result of the later, but more likely just the seasonal sore throat that is doing the rounds.

I’ve had a pretty busy time at work over the past few days being in Perth, Edinburgh (twice in 12 hours), Fraserburgh and Clydebank in 3 days.  So, feeling lousy, I cancelled my meeting with Jan (sorry Jan, it would have been great to see you) and spent a day doing nothing!

When I say nothing I really mean watching 3 episodes of season 1 of Lost which I didn’t watch when it came out.  I liked it lots but it seems to have disappeared from my Virgin on demand service which sucks cause I have 22 episodes to go!!!  I didn’t even check my email!!!

Anyway, back to work today!  I’m feeling a bit better so on with the show.


One Response to sick and tired

  1. Avril says:

    “Didn’t even check my mail!” Then I knew you were sick!!! lol

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