busy busy

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently.  It has been a pretty hectic few weeks and this week looks just as busy.  The autumn seems to be one of those busy times in the Church year when all the organisations start back after a summer break and people want to move ahead.

I’m running some basic youth work training over the next few months on the first Wednesday of the month.

Organising a training day called Connected on 24th November in Edinburgh on Digital Church with Ewan McIntosh leading a day of learning to blog and podcast and stuff.  Get in touch using the contact page if you want more details.

Teaching a Communication module at ICC

Doing my own Master in Research

Leading worship lots – Nairn this Sunday with a visit to my sister too

And trying to have a life including swimming with Ben and Jack yesterday, watching Scotland get beat at rugby and watching the Baseball playoffs.  I think I need a lie down!


2 Responses to busy busy

  1. Rich says:

    Hmm… interesting. 2 blogs I read for different areas of my life intertwine…

    Stewart & Ewan…

    connected indeed!

  2. Stewart says:

    Even more scary… Ewan’s mum taught me English at school! And I used to DJ at Napier Uni when his Neil brother was there.

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