Sporting Day!

Today has been a day of sports!  I’ve watched:

some golf – the President’s Cup – c’mon the rest of the world!

2 games of football (soccer) with Motherwell playing pretty well against Rangers, ending up with a 1-1 draw and Man United beating Birmingham 1-0

a college (American) football game which the Bulls won

the F1 grand prix qualifying where Lewis Hamilton is on pole for tomorrow’s race

half of the Wales v Fiji game from the Rugby World Cup where Fiji won to knock Wales out and all of Scotland’s game against Italy where we won by 2 points to proceed to the quarter finals

and I’m now watching the Phillies v Nationals in the MLB.

Who says Saturdays aren’t fun!

6 Responses to Sporting Day!

  1. rangersfc says:

    Did you also watch the Portsmouth v Reading game?

    11 goals!

    Strangely enough, despite the 7-4 scorline, it did not seem as exciting as the Motherwell v Rangers game.

  2. Stewart says:

    nah, didn’t see it although I’ve just turned over to catch the rest of Match of the Day so hope to see the goals. I did watch the Motherwell V Rangers game with David, my stepson, the Rangers season ticket holder!!!

  3. FPB says:

    spookily did a review of the key sports i watched this weekend too. check out the blog

  4. Russell says:

    I’m pretty behind on F1… whatever happened to Schumaccher & Ferarri’s dominance? …where BMW and Williams would spend millions just to fight for 2nd (or 3rd) place?

  5. Stewart says:

    In a word ‘Mclaren’. The regulations change each year which means a redesign of the car. McLaren got their’s right at the start of the season and Lewis Hamilton seems to be the best rookie driver ever so it’s a winning combination. That and they knicked the Ferarri designs… Schummi is in retirement although has been ‘mentoring’ the Ferarri drivers this season.

    Thanks for stopping by FBP. Like your blog a lot! Hope you come back.

  6. FPB says:

    for sure stewart.
    you won’t have to mind some of my language though. i apologise up front. i like the lack of ranting on your site. seems like a pleasant antidote to my stuff….!

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