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Some 7 years ago I began a Masters course in Applied Social Science.  For lots of reasons I dropped out 2/3 of the way through the first year.  This year I decided to go back and pick up the course and at least get enough credits to get a Post Graduate Certificate.

Today was the day I went back to Glasgow Caledonian University.  I had been away for so long that the course I started no longer exists so I’m now doing an Masters in Research.  The course looks great and I think I might even stay on and perhaps do the research to get the Masters.  It also turns out I have more credits than I thought, 45 rather than 30 so I don’t need to do as many classes to get to the Post Grad Certificate point.

2 Responses to back to school

  1. JohnO says:

    Bah! Students! Nothing but state-sponsored scroungers and layabouts, the lot of them.
    Oh! Wait a minute. That’s me, isn’t it?
    Good luck with that and good on you for going back to it after such a break.
    What exactly is a ‘Masters in Research’ anyway? Is it just an excuse to sit and use Google all day?

  2. Stewart says:

    I wish! But maybe!!! Think I could do my research project on Social Netowrking? LOL!

    I already have some credits as I took a couple of modules in Social Policy so it builds on that and is mostly about Social Research with some social policy to give it context, so I’ll do modules called ‘Scotland in Statistics’ looking at how we interperate data, ‘Ethics in Research’ looking at, well, ethics… in research and ‘Managing Research’ on how to, ah, manage research.

    The course aims to give us the skills to undertake significant and complex community research, hence the Masters in Research.

    If I do the whole Masters I will be a fully fledged Social Researcher, so I guess I’ll get a job standing with a clipboard in Argyll Street asking people for a few minutes of their time!

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