TV and Scotland’s International Matches

Scotland’s international football games are all on Sky.  I don’t have Sky, I don’t want Sky.  I sure don’t want to pay to have Sky Sports.  I know I can probably pay per view online but I want Scotland’s International football and rugby games to be on the BBC or ITV.  Is that too much to ask?

So on Wednesday night as Scotland take the field at the Stade de France, top of their qualifying group for Euro 2008, that majority of Scots won’t be able to watch their heroes because they don’t have Sky Sports.

So, who’s to blame?  The SFA?  They sold the rights.  Or is it BBC or STV?  Too cheap to buy the rights?

There is a rule in the UK that certain events MUST be shown on terrestrial tv.  The Open Golf, Wimbledon, the World Cup.  Why on earth are national team games not on that list?

Oh, never mind.  It’s ok.  The ENGLAND game is on BBC.  Of course we’ll all want to watch that!!!


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