That’s my boy!

Ben finally made it to see the world’s greatest football team for the first time today.  If only that were true.  We went to see Motherwell FC at Fir Park in a pre-season friendly against Nottingham Forest.  It was a reasonable game but with few scoring chances, ending 0-0.  Ben seemed to enjoy it although I’m sure his lack of football knowledge and experience helped!  Comedy was provided by Neil Lennon, former Celtic captain who got loudly booed every time he touched the ball.  For what it’s worth I thought Motherwell were the better team and they have played well over the pre-season.  Here’s to winning the league!!! LOL.  Oh, and Ben didn’t like the pies!!!


6 Responses to That’s my boy!

  1. With god on our side, we are in the winning team 🙂

  2. Stewart says:

    I’m glad we’re winning at something. I think Motherwell might even be beyond the Almighty’s help!

  3. C’mon the Well!!!

  4. Bryan says:

    Does it not verge on child abuse taking your child to Fir Park? Now take him to see a real team … Falkirk for instance!

  5. Stewart says:

    It builds character!

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