VOTE (if you live in Scotland)

Today is election day here in Scotland.  Voter turn out is predicted to be higher than normal which is a good thing so GET OUT AND VOTE!  I’ve never really understood the apathy that surrounds the political process here.  It seems that millions of people will pay £1 to vote on who should play Joseph in Lloyd Weber’s new production but people can’t be bothered to go vote for the people who will decide how their children are educated and what health care they get.  We have a system of proportional representation in both the elections for Parliament and for our local councils so politics in Scotland is more representative than it has ever been.

This could be an interesting day in the political life of Scotland with polls predicting an SNP (who want Scotland to have a referendum on independence from England) victory by just a few seats…  I’ll keep you posted or read the feed on the RIGHT from the BBC Election coverage.  But VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. JohnO says:

    Well, I’m impressed!
    Obviously txt-based phone votes are a lot easier to deal with than putting crosses or numbers on a sheet of paper. Mind you, phone votes aren’t exactly free from issues of ‘fiddling’.
    Despite warnings from those who know, the decision to have a vote using two entirely different voting mechanisms went ahead on the same day. And they wonder why there was confusion? Now, arguably, it’s not too difficult and the instructions are reasonably clear, but the evidence still seems to be suggesting a pretty major farce has ensued. Who was it who said something like, “never underestimate the stupidity of people”?
    I can’t help but feel the whole election is now open to accusations of being unrepresentative and there’ll always be doubt over some of the results.
    Proportional representation is, undoubtedly, the way to go, but to mix-n-match voting methods the way it was done yesterday was a recipe for disaster. Whoever made the decision to go ahead with the combined vote needs a good kick up the backside.
    And what about that DRS spokeswoman? If ever someone was trying to protect their own back by saying nothing meaningful, there was a prime example.
    Anyway, rant over.
    I did vote, and it should be interesting times ahead judging from the trend shown by the results actually in (and presumably undisputed).

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