first times

Yesterday we met up with most of the Ryce family, Linda, Denis, Katie and Daniel, to climb a hill.  It was a day of firsts; the first hill the Ryce family had climbed and the first hill our two small boys, Ben and Jack, have climbed.

We chose Latrigg, a little hill with a big view, as their introduction to hill walking.

I’m glad to report everyone loved it, although I’m sure Katie (14) would say it was ‘alright’, even though deep down she was having a great time!  We all made it to the top and had a very windy picnic!  I was so proud of everyone, especially the three boys aged 8,7 and 4, who ran most of the way up and down again and still had energy left!

I hope we will meet up again to climb some more hills!  It’s such a great way to spend a day!


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