A-Rod does it again!

For those of you who know nothing about baseball that will mean nothing…

To those of you who do, Alex Rodriguez is having a pretty impressive April for the Yankees.  Another walk off homer to sweep the Indians before the trip to Boston.

Oh, and I’ve got him in my MLB.com fantasy team!!!

And well done to Mark Beuhrle who pitched a no hit game for the White Sox last night.


10 Responses to A-Rod does it again!

  1. MShed says:

    In case your wondering it is a sin to root for a Yankee.

  2. Stewart says:

    I though it was coveting your neighbour’s 3rd baseman that was a sin…

    I had to go with the first team I saw in the flesh. That was the Yankees last summer v the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium. Plus my step son David is a massive Red Sox fan so it helps keep some tension going at home!

  3. MShed says:

    This is like picking up English soccer and deciding to root Man Utd, or Chelsea. No one will like you for it. Now if you had picked say… the Cubs. Then it might be possible for us to be friends.

  4. Stewart says:

    I’ve got Mark DeRosa in my fantasy team too. He’s doing pretty well. I just like the game.

  5. daveonline says:

    To be honest, I think this post should be ‘Big Dave does it again!’ Reference to the game last night obviously. The team is coming together now it seems which is promising. Dice-K up tonight for completion of the sweep. Easy! Cubs eh….Marquis and the shutout. Good job.

  6. Stewart says:

    Yeah, you’re right Dave. Big Papi gets it together against the Yankees… and Beckett managed not to self-combust! Shame the Yanks don’t have a pitching rotation and I can’t believe Porsada is out. That made a difference (to the Yankees and my fantasy team!!!)

    Looking forward to seeing Dice-K tonight.

    And Marquis was impressive!

  7. Stewart says:

    Looks like A-Rod is turning into a one man offence! Another 2 homers last night, even though the Yankees got beat. He has more home runs that 8 or 9 whole teams have so far, and April still has a week to go. You have to admit that’s impressive…

  8. MShed says:

    He is a baller, but he is Yankee. Plus he always under performs in the playoffs.

  9. Stewart says:

    very true! Just how good would be be if he was a Cubs player? He can break his contract this year. Will they be passing a collecting can around Wrigley to pay his salary?

  10. MShed says:

    The team is up for sale and whoever has the 600 million to buy the team will most likely want them to win…so maybe he will be ours…(evil laugh)

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