Scotland Is Brilliant!!!

The Sunday Herald (source of my scorn a wee while ago) has redeemed itself with this fantastic trip through the 99 best things about Scotland.  Numbers 16 (words for being drunk) and 49-60 (Scotland 1-0 France) are my favourites but Heather the Weather, Tunnocks Tea Cakes and Irn Bru all get a well deserved mention.

For the Scots reading this… laugh out loud.  For those readers from further afield… this is our life… no, really!


3 Responses to Scotland Is Brilliant!!!

  1. Avril says:

    Genius! Some of my favourites:

    (1) Heelin Coos (Highland Cows) are just so lovely!!!

    (19) Pyjamas (wearing to the shops) Just woke up and can’t find my clothes. Need the paper and some Irn Bru. Normally applies to short distance shopping with a hangover, but the pros venture further afield.

    (41) The Banter – jovial and frivolour conversation, with several different skill levels and an art form in modern Scotland. Usually involves joking and can be very personal. If you can’t take the banter, canter.

    Ah, ye cannae beat it!

  2. Rose says:

    Nay Lass, ye cannae!

    I loved this, although it didn’t list the number one thing I love about Scotland! (big smile)

    I laughed out loud several times and shared it with everyone I know. So many home truths!

  3. Avril says:

    I’m glad you understood it!!!

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