Baseball Fantasy

I’m playing fantasy baseball this season in the MLB Open.  I’ve been to one game ever!!!  Boston Red Sox at the Yankees.  It was a great day out!  (the yankees won by loads)

My league’s draft was last night (in the middle of the night) and here’s who I got on auto pilot:

Round Player
1 Chase Utley (2B, PHI)
2 Mark Teixeira (1B, TEX)
3 Hideki Matsui (OF, NYY)
4 Hanley Ramirez (SS, FLA)
5 Melvin Mora (3B, BAL)
6 New York Mets (P, NYM)
7 Mike Piazza (C, OAK)
8 Randy Winn (OF, SF)
9 Chris Young (OF, ARI)
10 Orlando Cabrera (SS, LAA)
11 Troy Glaus (3B, TOR)
12 Bengie Molina (C, SF)
13 Brad Wilkerson (OF, TEX)
14 Mark DeRosa (2B, 3B, OF, CHC)
15 Ryan Garko (1B, CLE)

I have to say it doesn’t look like a bad squad although I could have probably done with another pitching crew… and David Ortiz… but hey… you can’t have everything!


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