Half Way

If life spans three score years and ten then today marks half way for me!  It’s my 35th Birthday today.

I’ve spent most of the day hanging around at my friend’s new house watching the movers carry furniture about and now I’m home trying to think of something to say to the nice people of Annan on Sunday.  I’m preaching then helping them to think through their vision for their work with children and young people.  I’m looking forward to it, even though the boiler at the church is broken and it will probably be freezing!

Anyway, being 35 seems not to be too bad so far!  I wonder what the next 35 years will bring?


4 Responses to Half Way

  1. JohnO says:

    Many happy returns Stewart. Hope you’ve been amply rewarded for your supervision of removal men.
    Maybe you’ll get a nice pair of thermals as a birthday present – after all, you’re getting on bit now.

  2. Stewart says:

    Thanks John. The removing was in return for a much harder shift Bryan put in moving us… twice.

    As for thermals… they are called ‘base layers’ and are very practical!!!

  3. chris says:

    Gosh. You share a birthday with my No. 1 son. Happy birthday, belatedly – I was just home from the US on Friday!

  4. Stewart says:

    I think in the distant corners of my brain I knew that! Hope you had a good trip.

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