Scotland’s National Anthem?

I’m Scottish.  Officially our national anthem is God Save The Queen as we are still part of Great Britain, but when we play sport as Scotland, like today’s rugby match against Wales, we tend to have Flower of Scotland.  It’s a decent song for singing on the terraces but I have to say as a National Anthem I think it sucks.

It’s all about how a few hundred years ago the Scots beat the English in a battle and how we will ‘rise up and be a nation again’.  It’s so backward looking.  It’s a folk song not an anthem.

I think a new anthem for Scotland is long overdue.  Something that speaks of our future with confidence rather than wishing we could recapture some mythical past.  Scotland IS a nation and the way things are going it won’t be long before we are an independent one so let’s celebrate who we are, not who we were, and not keep moaning on about England.


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