9/11 Questions

I guess I like a good conspiracy theory like most people.  In today’s Guardian there are a number of letters about a recent article which I think belittled the numerous 9/11 sceptics out there.  George Mobiot’s article was what you might expect in retort to the Loose Change movie but the letters it provoked were interesting.

One claims that the WTC was destroyed by a controlled demolition.  I have to say that the way the towers collapsed always struck me as odd… like a controlled demolition rather than a tower falling over.

The thing that got me most about 9/11 was the attack on the Pentagon.  The damage doesn’t seem to look to me (a completely untrained observer) to be consistent with a plane crash.  When I was a teenager I drove past the site of the Lockerbie crash and the crater was enormous… not like the Pentagon site at all…

 Told you I liked a good conspiracy theory.

The thing about conspiracy theories is that someone has to profit.  So who profits if the events of 9/11 were carried out by someone other than the people we have been told did it?


2 Responses to 9/11 Questions

  1. pmk says:

    To be honest I find that thinking someone might profit from such awful things too horrific to contemplate – I mean, why on earth would you do that?! Having said that, I’ve read a few books on conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 and they’re fascinating in the extreme, you would love them (if you’ve not already read them!!)

  2. Russell says:

    I poked around a website specifically about all the inconsistencies with the Pentagon disaster, and it really does make you think twice. The 9/11 attacks may indeed have provided the necessary momentum for going into Iraq and whatnot, and I am glad that Sadaam was taken out of power, as a child of Desert Storm.
    But I now think the war is going downhill (Vietnam all over again), and I think the current administration and their hopeful successors will get that message loud and clear when elections come around.
    But at the end of the day, I guess I don’t think about the conspiracy stuff too much. It launched a good war gone bad, and now I’m ready for it to be over, conspiracy or not.

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