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The Niche Church post seems to have turned into a bit of a ‘how can/do/could/should churches promote themselves?’ discussion so in the interests of tidiness let’s have that conversation here.

 Should churches list in the phone book?  Have a website?  Place adverts on TV?  How would someone new moving to your area know you existed and how to get in touch with your church?


2 Responses to Church Advertising

  1. Craig says:

    I was with the Elders of one of our churches recently – it is an old style mission church that used to serve a poor working class community – today it is in the heart of an area of major redevelopment and the new people in the area are young upwardly-mobile apartment dwellers. Our folk are half-heartedly talking about leaflets to the new developments and I’m saying NO Website – but such a thought was beyond them – as is mission to this community.

    Advertising needs to be mixed and appropriate – every church needs some sort of web presence – but it has to be kept up to date and relevant and that is hard – many of us are keener to set up something new than keep it maintained.

    people still expect noticeboards and they can be useful

    as to the phone debate – we have phones in both chuirches but the numbers are not advertise dor listed because on the whole there is no one to answer them – they are for emergency out calls rather than neing contacted.

    Like what I’ve seen of the site so far – will no doubt visit again.

  2. Stewart says:

    Hi Craig. Thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts.

    I know loads of churches that post a website then very quickly let it go out of date. I tend to think that’s worse than not having one at all. It’s so frustrating when you get an out of date site (sometimes years out of date) that is still being advertised.

    I think on the whole church sites are improving because DIY design software is better but there are still plenty terrible sites! When done well they can be such a good resource.

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