all moved in

Sorry I’ve been quiet for a few days but we were moving house.  We’re all moved in and it is starting to feel like home.  I have to say we didn’t want to move but I’m already glad we did (although we liked our old neighbours).  BIG thanks to our very willing helpers.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Todays reasons to be cheerful…

 Reason 1: The new place is actually bigger!!!

Reason 2: You can walk to Subway!

Reason 3: CABLE!!!

I’m sure there are lots more reasons like our new home is closer to the kids and to Avril’s college but I’m especially liking the proximity to Subway and the speedy Internet access.  Tomorrow’s challenge is setting up a new wireless network and unpacking more of my office but we’re definately getting some kind of order restored.

So, normal service has resumed.


3 Responses to all moved in

  1. pmk1977 says:

    You mean the office hasn’t been completely unpacked yet?

  2. Rose says:

    I hope it feels like home soon! Congrats on the new place and good on you for seeing the positive!

  3. Stewart says:

    Hi Rose! Thanks for the good wishes and for your other comments! Thoughtful as ever!

    And no Pauline, my office was never fully unpacked in our last house and we were there for 7 months!!!

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